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Lead-acid battery terminal battery accessories

KLYD-10 φ11.4
The lead bushing in lead-acid batteries is a crucial component made from corrosion-resistant lead material. It serves multiple roles within the battery, acting as both a separator between the positive and negative terminals and a conductor for electrical current. Additionally, it provides structural support, helping to secure and stabilize the internal electrode plates, thereby maintaining the battery's structural integrity. The quality and design of the lead bushing have a direct impact on the battery's performance and efficiency. High-quality bushings reduce internal resistance, enhancing current transmission efficiency, ultimately increasing the battery's available electrical energy.
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Our battery bushings undergo rigorous quality control and certification to ensure they match the size and shape specifications of your battery design. This guarantees even current distribution, minimizing energy loss. They are corrosion-free, robust, and made from high-quality lead materials, ensuring exceptional durability. They can withstand the cyclic charging and discharging processes of the battery without deformation or damage. The connections are secure and free from looseness or corrosion, ensuring excellent conductivity for swift and uniform current flow. Long-lasting and reliable, our bushings are built to deliver top performance.