industrial release valve
industrial release valve
industrial safety valve

Industrial pressure regulating valve

Our safety valves are made with high-quality materials from Japan and Germany, delivering excellent performance and earning high praise from the market.
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Our industrial safety valves(industrial release valves) are made with imported materials recognized for their quality and durability. Their excellent performance earned them high praises and trust from the market. These industrial safety valves(industrial release valves) are widely used in various industrial battery applications, including lead-acid batteries to protect against overpressure. Our industrial safety valves(industrial release valves) with reliable design makes them perfect for automatic control, providing a safe and secure environment for users to operate. Our safety valves' high capacity ensures that they effectively control pressure release and protect against catastrophic failure, increasing battery life and productivity. Our valves solved the issue of premature battery failure due to overpressure while creating a safer industrial environment, allowing clients to focus on their work without worry.
The components of the ndustrial safety valves, industrial release valves.
The specification of the industrial safety valve, industrial release valve.
Open valve pressure range:13±3Kp
Close valve pressure range:≥8Kp
Remark:Other open and close valve pressure can be customized.